We took a car at Motor Inn in Santorini, for a week.‎ I want to praise with all my heart Andre who was just great. He brought us the car at ‎exactly the time and place we set, gave us his cell phone number, in case we needed ‎it, explained to us accurately and clearly all the things related to the car and also ‎helped us find places we asked for that were not related to the car at all.‎ He was nice in a charming way. It was a welcome to Santorini in a very nice way and ‎we will definitely come back and book through Motor Inn.‎ I would like to point out that Simon was also very helpful and prompt in his answers, ‎answering and explaining everything we asked via email at the ordering stage.‎ And the last thing, and not the most important, but very helpful, was that it was the ‎cheapest company we found in all of Santorini.‎ Well done Andre‎